Booster Members & Key Administration

It DOES take a village to make this program a success for our girls, and we’re hoping every parent is willing to be a part of our village. This program doesn’t run successfully without parent volunteers, parent donations, and invaluable parent support that you can give in a variety of ways!

Why donations??

The budget dollars provided by the state to the district do not fully fund our Edison Girls Soccer program.  In order to continue providing the superior opportunities that the Edison Girls Soccer program is known for, we collect donations from players’ families and must collectively fundraise to cover program costs. We have created a variety of fundraising opportunities to meet our program’s needs, which we will discuss further at our meeting. All players/families are strongly encouraged to assist in fundraising.

Program donations are entirely voluntary and are not required for your child’s participation in the program. The Edison Girls Soccer program fundraising goal is a collective one, not an individual student’s responsibility. These contributions fund program costs for uniforms, equipment, yearbook, banquet, awards, tournaments, insurance and coaching.

Program Donation Amounts:
Varsity: $450           JV: $425 Frosh/Soph: $425

Parka Deposit: $100

*If you have two or more children playing soccer with EHS Girls Soccer, you can write one check for all donations and one check for both parka deposits.

*If you are paying by check , please make all checks payable to Edison Women’s Soccer Booster Club (yes “Women’s” that’s how we are currently officially set up).

*If you prefer to pay your donation  via Zelle, you can do so by using this email address as the recipient.  In the memo field, please put your daughter’s name (or daughters’ names) and the team level (F/S, JV, or V).

President: Nikki Mahar

Vice President: Eric Hass

Secretary: Barb Catron

Treasurer: Terry Field

Fundraising: Karen Connor

Member at Large :  Melody Gillinger

Head Coach: Kerry “Mac” Crooks

Principal:  Jennifer Graves

Athletic Director: Rich Boyce

Administrator/Webmaster: Chandra Prough

Tax ID # – 87-4017869